Ocean Pulser Investments - About Us

At Ocean Pulser Investments, we believe not only in the value of our properties, but in the value of individuals. We aim to protect your investments without sacrificing your time or risking your returns. Our strong ethics define who we are as a company and help us to stand out amongst other firms.


  • We have a top professional team on the ground covering all areas of your investment: apartment hunt, land purchase, construction, marketing, sales, and legal affairs
  • We have access to excellent locations for development and investment in
  • Greece, identified by our talented team of real estate professionals
  • We are your extended family who will be welcoming you at the airport and offering comprehensive solutions to all your needs in Greece

Every time we make an investment in a community, we strive to add value there. We are more than a real estate company; we are your experienced partners who will welcome you at the airport and introduce you to everything you need to know about investing in Greece.

Our Team



Sharif Higazy is the CEO of Ocean Pulser and co-founder of OP Investments. He is known for his creativity and his extensive knowledge of diverse cultures which gives him unique insights into the global market.
Position: Co-founder & Mastermind


Ioannis is a visionary in his field, who combines both the art and the science. He is an award winning engineer with a career spanning over more than 12 years in civil infrastructure and building...
Position: Engineer


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