Irish novelist George A. Moore once said, “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” What if you could do both at the same time? What if you could travel the world, find somewhere that you connected with, and could make it home? 

I have travelled more than a million miles. I was born in the UK, I have studied in England, Egypt, Canada, and Belgium, and I worked for many years in China, the USA, and in the MENA region. When you’ve travelled that much, visiting a new country can feel a lot like business as usual. Sometimes, when I arrive at a new place, that old excitement gets rekindled and I wish I could stay longer to explore. That too, however, eventually fades, leaving me longing for home. Even when on vacation with my family, there comes a time when I crave what is familiar and comforting. 

That’s not the case when I’m in Greece. When I’m in Greece, I’m happy. It’s not just resorts, or museums, or monuments, or restaurants. It’s all of these and more: it’s a warm culture that feels familiar even as you are discovering it for the first time. 

Welcome to the Greece Golden Visa program. While there are other Golden Visa programs in existence, none are as successful as the Greece Golden Visa. Greece offers high returns on investments, but more than that, it offers a place to call home. The Greece Golden Visa program allows residency for you, your spouse, your parents, and all your children under the age of 21. There’s no minimum stay, you can come and go as you please, but you may find you don’t want to leave. Magically, this is a foreign investment that doesn’t feel foreign. 

There’s a reason that Egyptians are in the top five percent of people who take advantage of the Greece Golden Visa program: in Greece, you don’t feel homesick, you feel at home. The only thing missing is a place to call your own, and thanks to OP Investments and the Greece Golden Visa, that’s easily solved. 

What’s more, Greece opens you up to brand new possibilities. You can live, work, do business, travel across the EU, and offer your family so many exciting opportunities. Imagine it: the comforts of home with the doors flung wide on the world.

About OP Investments

OP Investments always works hard to understand the culture of the country we’re working in, and in Greece, that job was a dream. We’ve invested in the top talents in Greece, working with architects and builders who know the area and who are passionate about what they do. We not only work in the best neighbourhoods in Greece, we work in the best corners of those neighbourhoods, on the best streets, in the best locations. We know they’re the best, because we know Greece. Now we’ve built the best buildings, combining that prevailing sense of home with the exotic, piece of mind with luxury. 

I want you to feel every bit as at home in Greece as I do, so let us take care of everything. We’ll treat you like extended family, managing the process, welcoming you to your new home, and making sure you adapt seamlessly. Arriving in Greece isn’t like traveling, it’s a homecoming.